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Zoom LeBron 2

Being Second Doesn't Mean Being the Runner-Up

The Zoom LeBron 2 was the second shoe to be released in the Nike Zoom franchise, during the 2004-2005 NBA Season. This was the season when LeBron James first played in the NBA All-Star Game, where he recorded sixteen points, eight rebounds and six assists. LeBron was the youngest player in the entire history of the basketball league to become part of the All-NBA team. Being such a good year for the player, it was fitting that Nike released an amazing pair of shoes to go with him in the court.

Arguably the best LeBron shoes in the series, the Zoom LeBron 2 was superior to the Zoom LeBron 1 in terms of style, looks and performance in court. First released in November of 2004, the shoes still featured the Zoom Air unit, but now it was double-stacked underneath the whole shoe. Along with a stiffer sole, it boasted more support and a sturdier grip. Design-wise, it was also very eye-catching, with the LJ23 logo and the King James lion lasered in under an ankle strap.

The ankle strap could also be removed if the wearer wanted to show of the shoe design of the lion. The said lion is inspired from James LeBron's tattoo on his right arm, which is a tattoo of a lion with a crown.

Out of the five colorways released by Nike, only first three were mid cut, and the last two were low cut. The first low cut was released on the spring of 2005, which were a huge hit, making it a new trend for summer wear. Despite being less lightweight than its predecessor, the Zoom LeBron 2 was still considered comfortable by the wearers, in and out of the court.