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The Different Bags of Women's Luggage

A woman's image is everything when it comes to business. That is why luggage has become so important to the business woman. If you went on a trip and threw all of your clothing in one huge duffle bag, your clothing would be wrinkled and probably dirty from your extra shoes lying on them during the trip. In this instance you wouldn't be representing your company or yourself in a very good way. It would appear as though you were a mess and not many companies want to do business with someone who can't even appear as though they are all together.

This is why luggage companies make so many different styles and types of luggage. Each piece is designed for a specific use. For instance a duffel bag is designed, in most cases, to carry more casual or sport type clothing and gear. Something that you are not concerned with wrinkling or getting unfolded during a trip. These can carry clothing as well as gear such as running shoes, bicycle helmets, knee pads and other safety gear for sporting activities. These are the things that you don't have to worry about breaking or becoming messed up in any way.

An upright bag is designed for hanging clothing and packing away fine clothes that should not be wrinkled while you travel. They usually contain hooks for hangers and some even have a fold down flap that once you get where you are going, you can unfold and allow your longer clothing to hang in a more natural way. This flap also provides a stable elastic top to hold your fine clothing in place during travel. Most feature in-line wheels for easy maneuverability and a telescoping handle for comfort in pulling.

Briefcases are another aspect of women's luggage that many fail to consider when shopping for luggage. Your briefcase should be equipped with everything you will need for a business trip including important papers, an ample supply of pens along with business cards and contact information. Many of the women's briefcases designed today can hold these vital supplies as well as many others you have not thought about like your cell phone and laptop. That's right, some briefcases are designed to carry your laptop and all of your other necessities for a business trip.

Laptop luggage is designed specifically for carrying your laptop and all of the cables you may need. They are stylish and fashionable with other types of and can also be purchased with luggage sets. Manufacturers have even designed some laptop cases that serve as a hand bag as well. One side can be used specifically for your laptop and the other side can carry all of the things you would ordinarily carry in a hand bag. This cuts down the bags you must lug around with you when you are travelling. The next time you consider buying luggage, don't forget to make sure your set includes all of the vital pieces you will need for each aspect of your trip.