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Short Shorts For Summer Fun

Some people spend all winter at the gym just so that when summer rolls around, they can show off those gorgeous gams that they worked so hard on. In general, when you live in a place where the climate heats up in the summer, shorts are a necessity in order to be comfortable and active during the hot swells of summer heat. So how do you pull off a cute look when it's sticky, sweaty hot outside? Thanks to our fashion college experts, you now have a short list of cute shorts styles and ensembles to last you all throughout the summer sunshine.

1. For casual summer fun, you can never go wrong with a pair of classic, denim cutoff shorts. Cutoffs are comfortable and versatile. For a beach-ready outfit, pair your cutoffs with a tank and flip-flops over your swimsuit. For a daytime walk around town, wear them with sneakers, and a brightly-colored graphic tee. For a cool, cowgirl look, pair them with boots and a vest. The best part about cutoff shorts is that they are a great way to recycle old clothes. When you are cleaning out your closet from fall and winter styles, take your old jeans and cut them into shorts! This is a great style idea and the perfect way to save money on summer wardrobe shopping.

2. Though baggy cargo shorts are typically a menswear trend, this summer, cargo shorts are popping up in women's wear collections everywhere. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Jason Wu have incorporated cargo shorts into women's styles. There are several good things about this trend. For one thing, the bagginess makes the cargo shorts extremely comfortable. Secondly, a fashion school student will tell you that it's is a great way to experiment with combining elements of masculine and feminine style. For instance, you can wear the shorts with a tight-fitting tank top and heels, and then add a blazer to top the outfit off. The combining elements of menswear and women's wear will make for a sophisticated and eye-popping ensemble.

3. Another super-hot summer trend is leather shorts. Leather shorts are interesting because they are a more high-fashion spin on the casual shorts look. For a hot summer night out on the town, pair your sexy leather shorts with platform heels and a low-cut blouse. Fashion college guarantee: all eyes will be on you in those leather shorts.

Summer has already begun, and it's fitting to be hot from here until September! However, just because you'll sweat buckets doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense. Stay cool and get some color on your legs by rocking these awesome shorts styles and finding more of your own!