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Sheepskin Boots: The UGG Duckling Evolves Into a Swan

In the footwear industry, a common saying is a warm foot is a dry foot. Traditional pac boots have a rubber covering on the outer foot, leather uppers, and a wool lining. Unfortunately, the rubber covering keeps the foot from being able to breathe. Since they lock in moisture, the liner becomes damp. Although damp, wool liners can still keep feet warm, they make the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. This not only leads to foot fungus's like athlete's feet, it can also cause your boots to have an undesirable odor. Consequently, in order to avoid this, if you wear your boots a lot, you have to pull out the liners at night and place them on a boot dryer or next to a heat register.

In contrast, sheepskin has many qualities that traditional winter boots can't match. Sheepskin's superior breathability, wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry. Sheepskin not only keeps your feet dry and warm, compared to synthetic fibers, it is extremely durable. Whereas a synthetic fiber may break after 75 bends, the fibers of sheepskin can bend up to 20,000 times without breaking. Not only is sheepskin more resilient, the plushness is able to mold to your feet and envelope them in unbelievable comfort. As customers became more and more aware of sheepskin's comfort, warmth, and durability, their popularity has increased with each passing year.

When sheepskin boots first became popular in the United States, most of them were constructed in the same way with similar styles. UGGs were one of the first brands to be introduced. When Uggs were first introduced to the US, most of them were quite plain. However, the increasing popularity of sheepskin has caused more companies to climb on board, and the market has become quite competitive. Consequently, companies have become more fashion conscious to survive the competition. For instance, Manitobah Mukluks, made by Canadian aboriginals, make beautiful sheepskin boots with hand beadwork and luxurious fur adornments to reflect traditional native clothing and footwear.

Koolaburras, made in Cannington, Australia by skilled Australian are one of the top fashion leaders today. With their embroidered designs, embedded Swarvoski crystals, studs, chains, and feathers, their gorgeous, eye-catching designs are popular with those who like to be trendsetters.

Jimmy Choo and UGGs have combined their talents to make boots designs out of studs, rivets, and grommets for a stunning and glamorous effect. Consequently, nowadays, you don't have to sacrifice style for the superior benefits of sheepskin. Whether you prefer the plain, traditional looks of sheepskin boots or you love the glitz and glamor of Chuggs or Koolaburras, you can find a pair of sheepskin boots that are just perfect for you.