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Nike SportWatch GPS Review

Product Description

Introducing the Nike SportWatch GPS in the market today, runners and athletes are given the opportunity to capture each of their every step. They can easily upload data from nikeplus wherein mapping features are extremely provided. With newly introduced mapping features, they are allowed to find routes, to receive tips, to track goals and to share progress through Twitter and Facebook.

The combined Nike sensor and GPS gives precise information both in the outdoors and indoors. Even considered a personal coach to some, this Nike gadget can store your history details in running. Set up the kind of program entirely based in the event distance, experience level and running frequency to be made each week. Nike Coach can individually track your runs through graphs, allowing you to better understand and compare trends of your total performance. Get advice and tips for free that may ensure you of being trained properly.

Inside the box, you will see a USB cable, Nike Sensor and quick-start guide along with extensive features such as stopwatch, alarm, time set, pace/speed and laps. Featuring a stopwatch, you can pause, start, stop and mark up to fifty laps wherein you need to tap the screen. When you are done, review the best lap time, total time, individual lap time and average lap time as they are stored on your watch until you stop it and cannot be uploaded back in the .

On the other hand, the time or date of day can exactly be set on the watch without plugging it in. Runners can make their choices between displaying speed and displaying pace on the watch as well. Even the sensitivity of the lap feature is also improved wherein users can confidently get taps whenever they want.

Product Features

Nike SportWatch GPS review Powered by TomTom highly boasts its extensive features as follows:

TomTom GPS is featured for distance information and accurate speed, both outdoors and indoors although the GPS signal is interrupted.

Tracking the distance, heart rate, time and pace is even made easier with an optional sensor.

Viewing the mapped route with changes in elevation or pace data can be made via

Rechargeable polymer battery that charges through USB basically provide an eight hour of running time using the sensor and GPS. Turn them on for at least fifty days on a standby power.

Connect with other friends and join challenges being a member of the wherein you can share/view routes, share activity on Twitter or Facebook and find famous running areas.

Features that concern personal coaching can keep you up, which stores your running history while it reminds you to run and remember your personal records.


The Nike SportWatch GPS provides ease of use and convenience with its much attractive design and excellent battery life.

A web component is certainly used as a great resource for training tips and tracking workouts.


The product has been considered quite expensive that some hesitate to buy it.Additionally, some Nike SportWatch reviews are concerned with the GPS problem while its positioning is not made accurately.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Customers who previously purchased Nike SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom gave it a score of 3.5 out of 5 stars, which is far excellent for runners who wanted to track their own workouts. It offers a simple yet attractive solution, though could be expensive as compared to other watches.


Nike SportWatch GPS review Powered by TomTom has definitely made a way in order for runners to effectively manage their workouts. It enables them to save data along with the pace, distance and other important information making the gadget a real aid in personal training.

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