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Losing Cellulite Means You Have To Lose The Underwear!

Women's panties have come a long way. The loincloth was the simplest form of undergarment and it was probably the first to be worn by humans. During the 60's, hemlines became shorter and thus, underclothes grew smaller. But did you know that those teeny tiny knickers could be the reason for your orange peel skin? When it comes to losing cellulite, you'll have to don the right pair of underwear and lose the rest. Let's take a look at what should be worn.

Are My Underpants Giving Me CelluliteIt's widely known that dimpled skin is the result of poor circulation. When you wear those cute little panties, the ones with elastic around the legs, it hugs tightly right beneath your buttocks and restricts blood flow to that area. The problem is made worse when you wear the same type of garments to bed. Worn during the day, it doesn't pose such a huge risk because you're active and this allows the blood to somewhat circulate. But at night, when you are at rest, so are your body's systems and this can become an issue because it can lead to those ugly lumps forming on your butt and thighs.

What Can I Do About It?Losing cellulite can be as easy as losing the underwear. The wrong type, that is. As sexy as they may seem, try not to wear tight panties, especially when going to bed. If your knickers suffocate your bum and leave you with angry red welts, it might be time to start looking for other alternatives. Thongs are a great idea because they don't cover your buttocks at all. Boy shorts and lace underwear will also work as they don't have much elastic around the legs. If all else fails, just hit the sack in your birthday suit or borrow a pair of your boyfriend's boxers.

When losing cellulite, it's all about compromise. Think of it this way, would you rather wear those tantalizing Victoria's Secret numbers and have your skin suffer or stick to good old granny panties and enjoy smoother thighs? I don't know about you, but granny panties never sounded so sexy!