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Coco Chanel

A true myth, responsible for most of the major changes occurring in women clothing in the twentieth century, considered one of the forces of the feminist movement from the beginning of last century, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel created an elegant and timeless fashion, maintained until the present day, making its brand synonymous of elegance and comfort.

The History

To tell the history of the CHANEL mark is indispensable to know a little of the life of its creator. The French designer, who became the symbol of a revolution in manners and attitude of women in the social scene, acquired the elegance and simplicity as a way of survival. Mythomaniac, never wanted to admit her poor origin. It was only after her death in 1971, that the actual facts of her childhood became known to the public. Born in the French countryside in the town of Saumur on August 19, 1883, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was orphaned of her mother at age six. Her father, Albert Chanel, sent her to a boarding school in the French city of Auvergne, where she stayed until her teens. However, the simple life of the provincial town was inconsistent with the eagerness of Coco Chanel. She worked as a clerk and even in a cabaret, where she sang the music "Qui qu'?� vu Coco dans le Trocadero" (where her nickname originated Coco).

But the will to succeed in life was stronger and, therefore, she decided to hunt for lovers, preferably wealthy men who could help her. This was the first major clash of Coco Chanel with the sexist society from the beginning of the twentieth century. The involvement with the cavalry officer millionaire Etienne Balsan took her to Paris at age 16 and entered her in the high society of the French capital. With the help of the coveted English playboy Arthur Capel (which many say was the great love of the designer and died young in an automobile accident in 1924), she opened her first store, the House of Chanel (Chanel Modes) in 1910. In the beginning, the store was selling hats for women. The simple style, without much adornment of flowers, charmed the Parisians who attended the Jockey Club in town. Who was this woman who dared simplicity in costumes, with mixed male and female clothing? Thereafter, Chanel decided to dedicate herself to clothing fashion.