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Are You a Motorcycle Mama? Tips For Finding the Best Ladies Moto

For both men and women, it seems that riding a motorcycle gives them a definite sense of individuality and freedom. The open road is available for anyone and everyone to ride into the sunset. During the past 20 years, the number of females that have purchased a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, has been steadily increasing. In 1990 the percentage was around 4 to 5 percent and today it is 12 percent. Women today are very determined and their attitude is that they can do it all. We live in a society which offers them the opportunity to become a "motorcycle mama" if they choose to! With the rising price of gas, riding a motorcycle has also become an efficient way to save money.

Ladies Motorcycle accessories are not only fashionable, but also offer protection and security to the rider. If you don't choose the appropriate riding accessories, than you could actually be causing undue stress on your body.

Ladies Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are necessary to keep a rider's hands warm in wind and low temperatures and to provide a better grip while driving. In addition to providing a degree of protection from weather conditions, motorcycle gloves can be designed to offer greater protection in case of accidents. There are different types of leather gloves including street biking gloves, racing gloves, women's cruiser leather motorcycle gloves and women's motorcycle gloves. If your hands tend to perspire heavily, it is best to choose a quality waterproof type glove which is designed to absorb moisture from your hands to keep them dry.

Wearing a good quality ladies motorcycle glove is very important to protect your hands and provide for a better riding experience. They come in so many colors and designs that it won't be difficult to find an attractive style.

Ladies Motorcycle Jackets

Finding the perfect Motorcycle Jacket shouldn't be a difficult process. Today, women have so many trendy and stylish designs to choose from. A jacket should be comfortable and provide you with adequate protection from the elements. The majority of women's leather motorcycle jackets are made from cattle or buffalo skin and are usually available in brown, black and dark grey colors. However, if you are looking for something a little more bold, these type of jackets can be found in many colors some of which include pink, blue and animal print styles.

When choosing a jacket you should make sure that it fits properly and doesn't ride up. Choosing a belted leather jacket is a good option if you encounter this problem. There are also some jackets that have elastic built in at the bottom which keeps them in place while riding.

Ladies Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Boots should be comfortable, and finding the proper fit is very important. When riding a motorcycle, your feet must be adequately protected, and it is crucial to choose a boot that fits your riding needs. Because you are exposed to the elements, and may encounter twigs, rocks, debris and other items in the roadway, your feet need to be adequately protected while riding. The basic styles available are the following:

3/4 Length Boots or Short Biker Boots - This style of boot does not provide as much protection, as they are generally only 6 to 7 inches in height and reach to about ankle height. This style is popular among hobbyist motorcyclists, due to the fact that they provide for more mobility and feel more like a sneaker.

Full Length Boots or Tall Biker Boots - This is a favorite boot for bikers because it offers the most protection. This style of boot is usually available in 7 to 10 inches in height and usually includes a variety of different options. This type of boot is usually preferred by the biker who rides on a daily basis and needs the added protection. But they are also perfect for the weekend biker!